Meet Chimpy!

Your Helpful Library Data Companion

Collection Helper for Item Management and Processing (CHIMP)*

Explore the fascinating world of library data with our 8-bit video game-inspired mascot, Chimpy! chimpy

Get ready to "monkey around" with your library's data like never before—uncovering insights, improving workflows and resource utilization, and discovering revelations about your collection that you never knew existed!

*Beta Version Coming Spring 2024

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Extract Transform and Load Console

🧲 Extract, Transform, and Load Like a Magician!

Ever felt like juggling library data was a circus act? CHIMP elegantly streamlines that intricate extract, transform, and load (ETL) dance for your ILS and collection data. Say goodbye to those fussy, manual maneuvers and hello to automation. With Chimpy by your side, watch as data wrangling becomes a spectacle of ease. Now, you can sit back, enjoy the show, and dive deep into data analysis, leaving the high-wire act to CHIMP. 🤹‍♀️🤹✨

Exploring recent missing items

📚 Monkeying Around with Library Data

CHIMP is your ticket to exploring library data in a whole new way. Imagine a tool that not only gathers and records changes to your Integrated Library System (ILS), including primary item records and holds for various titles, but also transforms that data into meaningful reports and searches—that tool is CHIMP! With Chimpy by your side, you can dive deep into your collection's dynamics and discover hidden patterns.

🔍 Navigate with Ease, Like a Spreadsheet Wizard wand

Navigating through large quantities of library data has never been smoother. CHIMP employs the power of Datasette (an ingenious software created by the innovative Simon Willison), to present your library data in a spreadsheet-like fashion.

It's like having the magic of spreadsheet navigation combined with the depth of your library's information at your fingertips.

database Empowering Insights with a Dash of SQL Magic

Ever wondered what it's like to perform lightning-fast SQL queries on current and historical data? CHIMP's got you covered; library data is stored in a robust SQLite SQLite database, giving you the ability to quickly delve into data trends, events, and changes to your collection over time.

Of course you don't have to be an SQL whiz to use CHIMP, but if you're keen on taking deep dives into data, the option is always there! With CHIMP, the possibilities are endless—find connections, unveil insights and slice-and-dice data like a true data ninja 🥷

🔮 Useful Views and Canned Queries: Your Shortcuts to Knowledge

Running queries is a breeze with CHIMP's pre-defined views and "canned queries." These handy pre-built SQL queries are designed to answer common library questions. From examining current and past bibliograhpic and item data to spot errors to viewing real-time hold statuses to identifying high-demand titles and hold-fulfillment issues, CHIMP is designed to deliver actionable knowledge in an instant.

holds by availability view

🚀 Real-Time Holds Insight at Your Fingertips

Say goodbye to guesswork! CHIMP provides real-time hold insights, unveiling high-demand titles and spotlighting holds that need attention. Are there items with few or no copies available? Are holds taking longer to fill? Chimpy's got your back, even highlighting items, patrons, and locations with high hold abandonment rates.

🕹️ Ready Player 1?

Ready to embrace the power of library data with CHIMP? Prepare to embark on a data-driven adventure that will forever transform how you interact with your library's collection. Welcome to the world of Chimpy, where library data meets playful exploration!


Eager to track CHIMP's advancements? Drop us an e-mail at and get front-row seats when the Beta launches!